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Our Services

Individual Counselling

Life sometimes hands us unexpected events and difficult circumstances.

Our staff are here to help navigate those challenges, from dealing with rejection, abuse, or relationship failures, to trying to break unhealthy lifestyle habits. If you're experiencing shame, guilt, grief and loss, anxiety, or depression, Burden Bearers can work with you in a confidential and non-judgmental way to help you set your goals that will help you in your journey.

Couples Counselling

Living together in a healthy relationship can be challenging at times. 

Learning how to work through complications requires a safe space and willingness to develop new ways to connect.

 At Burden Bearers we help you work through issues related to communication, conflict, intimacy, finances, parenting, unfaithfulness, or problem solving. 

Whether you are currently struggling or wanting to strengthen a good relationship, we can help you develop a richer connection.

Family Counselling

Working through problems can be stressful for all members of the family, including children. In counselling it's beneficial to hear from each individual what's happening, and how it affects the dynamics. Listening to each other in a structured environment can positively impact the group. At Burden Bearers there are therapists trained to deal with the complexities of the family unit, and provide you with tools to bring about harmony within the house.

Sexual Dependence Counselling

With the increase in internet pornography, the late sex researcher Alvin Cooper, PH.D. (1997) referred to cybersex as the “crack cocaine of sexual compulsivity.” Because of its accessibility, affordability, and anonymity, the web is luring and trapping more people to the degree where they require intensive therapy to free themselves from this problem, especially since it affects job performance and is destructive in relationships. 

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