Pat Stuka, MA Counselling, CCPA, PACCP

Pat grew up in the Peace region and has been back since 2006. She brings with her a background in nursing, parenting and now grand-parenting. She counsels from an attachment based perspective and works with clients who struggle with grief, anxiety, depression and medical issues. 
She specializes in 2 areas: first working with individuals who have suffered childhood sexual abuse and secondly with couples using Emotion Focused Therapy – an empirically based research therapy (see website or Youtube “Sue Johnson”). 
Pat refers to herself as a curious counsellor and invites a sense of wonder in her clients also – wondering about the problem story and wondering what life would be like without the problem kind of story (Narrative Therapy). 
Pat works part-time at Burden Bearers and is currently enjoying her cat and her horses and semi-retirement.